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    TITANIUM Grade 5

    Ti – 6Al – 4V Alpha-beta alloy


    It is the most common used Titanium alloy.It has relatively low ductility combined with high strenght.
    It has widespread used in the space and aviation industry.Usage of it is increasing day by day in the maritime sector. Precipitation hardening is weldable.


    Usage Area

    It is used in compressor fans, jet engine parts, pressure vessels, rocket engine body, pressure vessels used in marine.

    Specification Designation
    UNS R56400
    UNS R56401
    UNS R56402
    DIN 17850 3.7164
    DIN 17850 3.7264
    DIN 17850 3.7165
    AMS 4996
    AMS 4996
    AMS 4998
    AMS 4999
    ASTM B 265 Grade 5
    ASTM B 348 Grade 5
    ASTM B 367 Grade C-5
    ASTM B 381 Grade F-5
    ASTM F 136
    ASTM  F467-84 Grade 5
    ASTM  F468-84
    AWS A5.16-70 ERTi-6Al-4V
    AWS A5.16-70 ERTi-6Al-4V-1
    MIL A-46077D
    MIL F-83142A Comp 6
    MIL F-83142A Comp 7
    MIL T-81556A Code AB-1
    MIL T-81556A Code AB-2
    MIL T-81915 Ttpe III Comp A
    MIL T-90461 Code AB-1
    MIL T-90461 Code AB-2
    MIL T-9047G MIL-T-9047G