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    TITANIUM Grade 1

    It is unalloyed Titanium material. It has optimum ductility, cold formability, high impact strength, and excellent weldability. It has high corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation in chloride-containing environments.

    Usage Area

    Where high corrosion resistance is required in the shipping industry and chemical industry; It is used where easy shaping is required in the production of airframe.

    Titanium Grade 1 
    Specification Designation
    UNS R50100
    UNS R50120
    UNS R50125
    UNS R50250
    DIN 17850 3.7025
    DIN 17850 Ti1
    DIN 17860 3.7025
    DIN 17862 3.7025
    DIN 17864 3.7025
    AMS 4951E AMS-4951
    ASME SB-265 Ti Grade 1
    ASME SB-381 F-1
    ASTM B265-79 Ti Grade 1
    ASTM B337-87 Ti Grade 1
    ASTM B337-87 Ti Grade 1
    ASTM B338-87 Ti Grade 1
    ASTM B348-87 F-1
    ASTM F467-84a Ti Grade 1
    ASTM F467M-84B Ti Grade 1
    ASTM F468-84a Ti Grade 1
    ASTM F468M-84B Ti Grade 1
    ASTM F67-88 Ti Grade 1
    AWS A5.16-70 ERTi-1
    AWS A5.16-70 ERTi-2
    AWS A5.16-70 ERTi-3
    MIL T-81556A CP-4
    MIL T-81915A
    MIL T-9046J CP-4