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    Standards and norms
    DIN X20Cr13 – X21Cr13


    AFNOR Z20C13

    UNI X21Cr13KU

    SIS 2303

    UNE F3402 F5261

    AISI 420

    JIS SUS 420J1

    GOST 20Ch13

    Brief information about the material
    Brief information about the material
    Due to its chrome content, both stainless and hot work tools
    Steel group. It is suitable for cooling with air and oil as a cooling medium during hardening.
    In the stainless steel class, it is in the martensitic stainless steels class due to its hardenability feature. Hardenable stainless steels are the most popular members of their class. Due to its low carbon content, it gets hardness around 45 HRc max. To achieve higher hardness values, it may be necessary to use higher carbon equivalents of the same grade.
    Chemical composition
    %C: 0,16-0,25

    %Si: 1,00 max.

    %Mn: 1,50 max.

    %Cr: 12,00-14,00

    Mechanical properties
    Annealed hardness: 230 HB max.

    0.2% Yield: 500-550 N / mm2 (hardened + tempered)

    Shrinkage: 760 max. (Annealed)

    Tensile: 700-950 N / mm2 (hardened + tempered)

    % Elongation: 13-10 (hardened + tempered)

    Usage areas / applications
    It is used as a mold material for paper cutting blades, non-cutting medical materials, pump, valve and compressor parts, shafts, carrier parts in the food industry, pressure plates in gas and steam turbines, and various materials.
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    Materials under Ø30mm are delivered in length.
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